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The way to safety
Safety is not only the foundation for you to enjoy the ride, but also the bottom line of the elevator industry. Ono Elevator understands the way of safety, in-depth exploration of advanced elevator technology, the use of multi-disc safety brakes, safety pliers, speed limiters, light screen doors, buffers, anti-clamp safety system, etc., always put the safety of passengers in the first place.
  • Emergency function device
    The steel wire rope made of TC5 plastic steel wire has a maximum load-bearing capacity up to 3000KG.
  • Anti-clamping device
    Using the newly upgraded dynamic detection braking device of Tianhao Enterprise, the traction power is more than 3 tons.
  • High temperature braking effect
    Aiming at the performance upgrade, the braking device can still brake effectively at a high temperature of more than 300 degrees Celsius.
  • Emergency level of power outage
    In the event of a power outage during the operation of the elevator, the elevator automatically turns on the charging backup power to make the car close to the flat floor to ensure that passengers leave the car safely.
  • UCMP protection
    In the case of accidental movement of the car without instructions, the system will stop immediately to protect the safety of passengers riding on the ladder.
  • Self-examination system
    Regular collection and analysis of elevator operation status and elevator information data, real-time feedback on the problems that may exist in the elevator, prevention.
The way of green
Ono Elevator with outstanding quality with the times, research and development of green energy-saving technology, the concept of environmental protection into the details of the product, for you to create a low-carbon life.
  • Kinetic energy of green main engine
    The brake has the advantages of sensitive response, large and stable braking force, more than 40% higher transmission efficiency than the traditional traction machine, high efficiency and energy saving, no need to change lubricating oil, reduces oil pollution and makes the environment cleaner.
  • High efficiency permanent magnet synchronous door machine
    The door crane adopts AC synchronous direct drive door system and no reducer device, which has high output torque at low speed, smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Intelligent main control system
    Embedded expert self-diagnosis system, automatic diagnosis of fault causes, storage and display of fault causes, powerful and easy to operate.
  • Energy feedback system
    The energy regeneration and feedback device realizes the recycling and saving utilization of elevator electric energy, which is suitable for the development of energy-saving buildings.
  • Car fresh air system
    Introduce the advanced car fresh air system in the industry, input the outdoor fresh air into the car after purification, and create a healthy and clean ladder space.
  • Automatic lighting technology
    Fully consider the needs of humanization and energy saving and environmental protection, and apply automatic lighting technology to ensure that the lights are turned off when no one is in use and save electricity.
The way of intelligence
Ono Elevator firmly believes that science and technology will drive the future, constantly optimize the core components of the elevator, master the core technology, and lead the forward-looking development of Suzhou Zhongling Elevator with intelligent technology.
  • Intelligent driver
    Permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor The new generation permanent magnet synchronous technology adopts rare earth material and inner rotor structure, which has the advantages of uniform force, strong magnetic conductivity, strong overload force and comfortable operation. Unique block brake, stable efficiency and powerful braking.
  • Intelligent switch
    VVVF permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion door machine Advanced VVVF frequency conversion control, high-speed digital signal processing system, triangle belt first-stage deceleration and synchronous belt transmission mechanism, precise and stable speed regulation, energy saving and low noise, can meet millions of high frequency opening and closing.
  • Intelligent control
    Integrated main control system Double 32-bit imported microprocessors, master-slave CPU mutual monitoring, fast and reliable data processing, synchronous elevator drive and control, accurate and efficient.